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The number 3 is...




three. RTW was created out of these expressions with elevation in mind. We are ever evolving into our truest form. Established in 2009 as Halo Fashions by cousins, Amaris Jones, Tiffany France, Monica France, and Sherita France. Redefined in 2017 as three.RTW, a collective lifestyle brand for the women who are in this perpetual cycle of self elevation. 

Ever evolving, ever changing, ever thriving to be a better YOU!

three.RTW is simple, edgy, and multifaceted. 

We hope to connect every woman, of every form, at every stage with our collection. 


meet the team


LR: Monica France, Tiffany France, Amaris Jones, and Sherita France




Designer and Director | three. | Dream Halo Foundation

What inspires you?

I am inspired by other creatives. Creatives, who have defined the fashion industry. Creatives in our generation, who are on this new wave of innovation like Solange, William Okpo, and Kai Avent-deLeon. I’m especially inspired by those behind the scenes, like all of my fashion friends who I worked along side in NYC, who are still grinding everyday to live their dreams in the industry.

What is your dream for Halo Creative?

My dream for three. and Dream Halo is that we impact people’s lives for the better, that we inspire people to believe in their dreams, and that we provide a platform that help elevate people’s creativity and dreams.

What type of advice would you give your 18 year old self?

Knowing what I know now, I would tell my 18 year old self not to worry about fitting in, people pleasing, or how people perceive you! Follow your gut and color outside those lines! It’s all going to be okay!



monica france

Executive Director | three. | Dream Halo Foundation

What inspires you?

What inspires me is my passion for connecting with people of all kinds to enhance their being in mind, body, and, soul. I have a passion for people, especially children. I love talking and getting to know someone, I watch actions, I love to encourage and inspire others to be the best version of themselves. What inspires me is that I know I can make an impact in someone's life, so every day I ask myself what will you do today that can change someone's life forever! This passion led me to being the leader of DHF (Dream Halo Foundation) and to soon one day work with women and children of all kinds showing them all of their great rewards through life lessons!

What is your dream for Halo Creative?

My dream for Halo Creative is to be apart of every man, woman and child's life in someway that it impacts their soul. Whether they are inspired to create, start their own business, be active in the community, be a model, design, whatever it is I want Halo Creative to become the name that everyone knows because we are impacting lives in all areas. I believe that Halo Creative not only makes you look good on the outside through .three but we strive to also make you feel good on the inside through our foundation Dream Halo. That is my dream for Halo make the world feel good...from the inside out!

What is something about you that nobody knows?

Ok, so I have two lol! I love cars. I can look at a car and know the make and model just by the body of it or headlights. When I was younger I was fascinated by cars! I would study them at every red light that we stopped at! It was like my little thing! Now I dream to one day own my favorite car..which is many! I like fancy stuff! Another thing is that I used to be very insecure. I needed validation from people, the world to feel good about myself. Now through the power of faith and knowing that I am a child of God, fearfully and wonderfully made...there's no stopping me! I have so much GODfidence! And that's what I hope to bring to many women and all people through Dream Halo foundation :) 



tiffany france

Creative Director | three. | Dream Halo Fashion

What inspires you?

I am inspired by everyday life and it's experiences. The good, the bad and the ugly. I am inspired by nature. I love drawing inspiration from wild life, plants and all that is planet earth. My parents, my sisters, my nephew, my family both far and near inspire me. My biggest inspiration is drawn from my fear. I am my biggest fan (critic) and it is when I make bold, courageous, and innovative moves that I am most inspired.  

What is your dream for Halo Creative?

My dream for Halo Creative is for us to impact lives day in and day out. Not just on the surface but from deep within. I want the world to rock our R-T-W (ready-to-wear) collection season to season and feel unstoppable. I want the world to then come to our mind, body and soul conferences, join the conversation via our Dialogue and unite with us in making someone's life a little better, a little easier through Dream Halo Foundation. 

60s, 70s, 80s, 90s: Which decade do you love the most and why?

I love the late 60s into the 70s era. I love the fashion from the 70s, the music, and boldness of the youth- their willpower and energy to start revolutions and fight for freedom. If I could go back to any decade, it would be this one! I am definitely a flower child. A hippie. I am California Dreamin. Fist up and my afro is out. My revolution will not be televised nor texturized. Can you dig it?


sherita france

Developing Director | three. | Dream Halo Foundation

What inspires you?

Passion and passionate people inspire me. That’s what I see in my team daily and that’s what I see in our art. It’s passion that reminds me of my purpose and motivates me to keep going!

What is your dream for Halo Creative?

My dream for HC is for us to be able to dress, elevate and inspire other dreamers. For us to redefine what it means to be eccentric and for HC to be a vessel for everyone to tap into their individuality.

At what job would you be terrible?

I would be horrible with any job dealing with animals. I don’t care if that means a pet store or a vet. I COULDN’T DO IT. I can’t stand a critter (dog/cat/gerbil etc.). Sorry not sorry.